Energy Efficient Compressors

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McGee Company is proud to offer Quincy Compressor’s new ultra energy efficient air compressor, Quincy’s “Green” QGV series is variable capacity rotary screw compressor that matches compressor output to system demand which greatly reduces operating costs. By varying the speed of the compressor in response to changing system demand, the QGV compresses only as much air and uses only as much energy as the system requires to operate. The QGV features a touch screen interface panel that controls, monitors, and logs the entire system for operating status and alarms. QGV utilizes time proven components from other Quincy models so that parts availability is quick. Ranging from 20 horsepower to 200 horsepower, the QGV provides an energy efficient solution for all applications.

McGee Company is proud to support our customers with the QGV as well as many other energy saving compressors and accessories. At McGee Company we understand that as energy costs continue to rise power saved means profit directly to your company’s bottom line. With Rebates provided by many energy companies on QVG Compressors, premium efficiency motors and no loss drains McGee company is your go to source for added profits. We are here to provide you with the service and the energy solutions you need as well as the reliability you demand. Please contact your McGee Company Representative today to start saving today.   Looking for more information about McGee Company and air compressors?